The Journey…(WordPress & Writing)

Many times in life we find ourselves in situations we don’t have control in. In the same way, we don’t choose which family to be born in, or what country we want to be citizens in or even our skin color. That’s life and its nature rules that we have to abide by. In the same way, we allow gravity to always pull things down to the ground.

This is my story...

My name is Wenslas Ahura. A freelancer in both writing and web development (WordPress). I have been writing articles and developing websites for more than three years now. This journey started back in 2017, few years after I had finished my high school diploma and had nothing great going on in my life.

I could see my schoolmates join universities to pursue higher education and others even getting jobs that were doing them well. Then there is me, a 21-year-old not knowing what to do with my life.

I would say angels walk on earth nowadays, I met a friend called Oliver who introduced me to a certain Community-Based Organization in Kibra called Tunapanda Institute. The day I first stepped into that place for the first interview with Mick Larson and Jacky Kimani, I knew this was what I have been waiting for.

This was a perfect space for me to grow and learn new skills that I had never imagined I could without stepping into a university. I’m not disputing the fact that university education is of importance, higher learning is and will always remain important. I met awesome people in this place and they held my hand in training me to become who I am today.

My best classes during the three months of training were web design classes. I even remember I trained the next cohort that came in after I had graduated and joined the team as an apprentice. It was the best moment in my life and I’m forever grateful for that opportunity.

Three years down the line, I’ve engaged myself in several projects, both paid and non-paid. Earlier this year I decided to go full-time into freelancing while building websites with WordPress and practicing writing to improve my writing skills to provide myself with a better opportunity in becoming better at telling my story. Under ghostwriting, I've written about tech, mental health, personal development, and fitness.

I was trained in developing websites from mock-up designs to making them go live on a domain. I’ve taken part in building websites for institutions, businesses, and portfolios too. This still remains my best work to date. Being a 2021 product, it's a perfect example that every time we practice doing what we love, we unleash the best in us.

I look forward to a feature on the mainstream and be able to share my story with the rest of the world under the WordPress skill-set.

I don’t believe there is anything impossible under the sun. You just need a positive mindset and a good attitude towards everything you see or come across in life. Cheers.

We know nothing of tomorrow, our business is to be good and happy today.